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Farewell, Joshua… >.<

Joshua gave a farewell speech to Attributes people. He wants to focus more on CG ministry. I recorded his speech and uploaded the video on Facebook. However, only Attributes people can see it.
“Try to build relationship with your members,” he once advised me. Thanks, Joshua, I will follow your advice :)
Here is a photo of me with him.
(A girl was curious of my look in short hair. Hopefully this photo can give her some clues :P Do not imagine anything funny, ok?)

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Hmm, this happened a long time ago. At that time, each CG members was asked to introduce his/her name along with his/her unique identity.

Jefri:          “Hello, I am Jefri. I am handsome.”

Friend 1:    “I am ***. I am handsome.”

Friend 2:    “I am ***”. (Looking at friend 1)”He is handsome? I am more handsome than him.”

Friend 3:    “My name is ***. I don’t think I am handsome. However, people think I am handsome.”


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Lizardcaptor Jefri

Have you ever watched Cardcaptor Sakura? This post is similar to that anime, except that now the target is lizard and not cards

21072010089 Zoom in = 21072010090

For some reason, many local people, both guys and girls, are afraid of lizards. Since I am immune to such fear, I am the one who captures any lizard found in the CG venue and transport it outside (using Hiraishin No Jutsu). In fact, I used to see lizard in living room while watching TV back in my hometown.

Maybe next time I should display the procedure of transporting such an uninvited guest :P

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