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Gym Session: Expo to SIS

Today I helped out in shifting stuffs from Expo Hall 8 to SIS. I initially only planned to help out in SIS. However, an Attributes friend called me asking for some help in Expo too. I then immediately left lab earlier and rushed to Expo Hall 8. Whenever Attributes people call for help, it means there is something really urgent and important.

29072010141  29072010142

After mounting the bookstore stuffs to the truck and courier van, I headed down to SIS with 2 other Attributes friends with cab.


It was super empty in North Entrance of SIS

29072010146 29072010147

Finally, I unloaded stuffs there.

29072010144 29072010148

I was practically exhausted… Luckily at the end reinforcement arrived.

We shall makes sales this weekend!!!


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