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Festival of Praise 30-31 July, 2010 and City Harvest Church 21st Anniversary 1, August, 2010

It was a wonderful time of Festival of Praise and City Harvest Church 21st Anniversary. I still can’t believe many things had been ongoing from Thursday until this afternoon. Below is the highlight of this event

1.) Thursday 29, July, 2010

It was a gym session as my previous post mentioned. Amazingly, we managed to settle everything by 6.30 pm instead of 9 pm as we had initially planned. You can see the posted photos on my Facebook!/album.php?aid=235886&id=720576756

2.) Friday 30, July, 2010

It was an additional duty for me as my main duty was on Saturday. Apparently, many people were still working and they would come late. Fortunately, my timetable is rather flexible. I came and helped out with the set up. You can view the photos here:!/album.php?aid=236642&id=720576756&ref=mf


Morgan came up as a hero who caught this gentleman and threw it away from us. Hohoho, one Attributes friend ran like mad when she saw this bug :P :P


Even in the Attributes changing room, I saw this cockroach with half body in the first washroom from the left. Yes, insect can still be alive although it only has half of its body as their nerve system is not one integrated unit. I remember it has three major nerves. Yep, I disposed it as I knew this gentleman is skillful in giving displeasure to ladies.

3.) Saturday 31, July, 2010

My main duty was on that day.  You can view the photos here:!/album.php?aid=236643&id=720576756&ref=mf

Since I was with my own team, I took plenty pictures of them :P


This was my own design. Cool, wasn’t it?

4.) Sunday 1, August, 2010

I only managed to reach SIS at 8 am. It was super difficult to wake up as I had been lacking of sleep. Nevertheless, I forced myself to wake up and go ahead. There at SIS, I became became a mobile seller and sold 8 CDs. Not bad, was it? :P

In the first service, Pastor Kong preached about Faith, Hope and Love. In the second service, Pastor Phil preached about Trust, Delight and Commit.


I doubt you can find such a discount-deal anywhere else than in Attibutes :p You can see the photos here:!/album.php?aid=236645&id=720576756&ref=mf

After that, we packed things up and transported them to Jurong West, Kallang and Expo.

As a final note, I would like to thank my teammates:

a.) Johnny, thanks for coming early on Saturday. You helped out the set up of bookstore and I am sure you did a great job too as a mobile seller. Thanks also for coming today and serving although you were not feeling well.

b.) Fion, thanks also for serving on Saturday although you were feeling tired after the morning choir practice. I understand juggling between two ministries is not easy. I salute you for having such a commitment. Hmm, if God permits, maybe in the future, I want to help out in second ministry too, namely City College :)

c.) Siona. thanks a lot for coming everyday from Friday until Sunday. You must be feeling tired now and yet, tomorrow you will have a test. I am praying God will prosper your test and give you A tomorrow :)

d.) Phoebe, thanks a lot for serving on Saturday too. You also tried your best to serve today. Unfortunately, there is another factor which did not allow you to do so. I understand that and still, I am sure God will reward you for your commitment and passion for Him.

e.) Lionel, I want to thank you in advance for giving us some good news: getting A in your exams :DD See you in the bookstore.


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