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There is a Power in Delayed Gratification

You have this dream. You pray about it. Day and night you work toward it. You confess it and you tell everyone about it. You ask you CGL to bless you. In short, you do everything in order to achieve this dream. One day, you discover that the dream falls flat on the floor. All your effort comes to vanity. What will you do?

Once I had a dream. Let’s call it dream A. I did all sort of stuffs to achieve it, even doing things unimaginable that my Mom scolded me. Yet, at the end, that dream suddenly died.

I then had dream B, which was similar to dream A. Again, I worked hard to achieve it. I prayed about it and confessed it day and night. However, once again, that dream flew away.

Dream C then came, basically to replace dream B. Initially, things were fine and looked promising as I  worked on it. Unfortunately, just few weeks ago, that dream had to shatter to pieces, at least from my viewpoint.

I really thank God for FOP and CHC Anniversary last weekend. Suddenly I realized that the dream had not yet shattered. I just needed to wait.

“Why doesn’t God always answer our prayer (immediately)? Because there is power in delayed gratification,” Pastor A. R. Bernard once taught.

I don’t know. Maybe, just maybe, God would like me to wait for His appointed time; that dream is not dead yet. Maybe right now, I don’t have the ability and capacity to handle the fulfillment of that dream.

What will happen if dream C fails just like other dreams? So be it. I am used to seeing dead dream, after all. There were many dreams of mine beside these three which had fallen flat on the floor.

Maybe, just maybe, dream D will come to replace the previous three dreams.

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