Nanyang President’s Graduate Scholarship (NPGS)

A few moments ago, I had a meeting with fellow NPGS awardees and a professor on a few things. One that interested me the most was about publicity. Somehow, NPGS lacks of publicity as compared to A-STAR Graduate Scholarship despite being considered the most prestigious scholarship to pursue PhD. in NTU.

If you are interested to do PhD. in NTU, you might want to check NPGS here:

I really thank God for all the scholarships I have received since my undergraduate life. Without them, I would have no money to study in Singapore. My parents are not that rich too. With these scholarships, I can live (almost) independently and my study does not burden my parents at all :) Really thank God!

After that, there was….. tea session!! It was really my lunch and dinner meals!! :D I smuggled two boxes full of food!! :P

04082010208   04082010209

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