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CG Refreshment + Housework

Last night the CG was pretty fun. The sermon reminded us to love each other as we all belong to the family of God. So, turn to your neighbor and say, “Hi, brother!” if your neighbor is a guy or “Hi, sister!” if your neighbor is a girl :)

One CG member brought dragonfruit for CG refreshment. Apparently, her aunt in KL has dragonfruit plantation :D

05082010210 05082010211

There are white and purple dragonfruits with purple dragonfruit being more expensive than white one. According to a new member from Malaysia, dragonfruit is very expensive in Malaysia. It is a high class food, even for white dragonfruit. Hmm, unfortunately, I have never seen dragonfruit in Indonesia :P :P

After CG, here came….. housework! :P


Look at the number of clothes I needed to iron! They were three batches of laundry :P

After ironing here came….. sewing!


Apparently, one button was pulled off. On the image above, can you spot the original place of the button?

06082010214  06082010216

Well, I can be both a good breadwinner and homemaker in the future :D

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