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Saturday 7, August, 2010

Pastor Mark Conner preached about hope. It was such a wonderful message.

“You need to dispute your beliefs.”

Yes, I agree with him. I need to change the way I think and perceive of circumstances around me.

“Hope is as strong as the thing it is attached to.”

My hope is immovable as it is anchored in God’s love which is immovable too.

“Romans 8:28… Not all things have happy ending. Not all things are good. Not all things turn out the way I want. Yet, God causes all things, good and bad, to work together for my good.”

There is too much painful memory… (even Nagato said, “I will never forget Yahiko’s pain.” before casting large scale Shinra Tensei).. Yet, I know God is still at work. I just need to wait and see how God blends all the pain and joy together for my good.

After service, my CG had dinner at Park Mall :D


Mine. But, it was super spicy >.<

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Hohoho, I got free T-shirt from Attributes!!!


I happened to come to the customer service. Here was the conversation:

Friend: “Do you want free T-shirt?”

Me:     “I don’t mind. But, are you sure?”

Friend: “One customer came and asked for this gift to be wrapped. But, he has not collected it for one month. So, I want to give it away by tonight.”

Me:    “Give it to me!!!!”

Hehehe, so if you want free T-shirt, do join Attributes, ok? ;D

During the service, we all prayed for Singapore. Here was the flag given during that time.


Hohoho, my parents do not mind if I convert to Singapore Citizens. Should I? Should I?


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