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Quote of the Day: “Jefri, you look more handsome today.” SOT friends.

I attended morning prayer meeting. Morning prayer meeting is really a wonderful experience as I learn to seek God early and put Him first before doing anything else. Unfortunately, last night I slept very late. So, during the morning prayer meeting, I had difficulty in praying as I had to battle sleepiness >.< I gotta sleep early later.

After morning prayer meeting, I had a fellowship session with Attributes people! Hohoho, since nowadays after duty time there is hardly such session, why not have it after prayer meeting? :P James brought food from Penang!

16082010248  16082010249

The best thing is the food is now all for me :D

Thank you so much, James!

Somehow, out of nowhere, Mike, Dorinna and Jacqueline said unanimously, “Jefri, you look more handsome today!” Hohoho, amen for that! :D


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