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Morning Prayer Meeting Day III 18, August, 2010-What If? (On the Issue of CHC Investigation)

Praise the LORD! I was able to force myself to focus on God during the prayer time. I must discipline my mind and body sometimes :P

Pastor Bobby has been leading the prayer since  Monday. In particular, he always invites us to pray for Pastor Kong and the leaders in the church, especially in the midst of this trial period.

I once read a comment from a website, “Why need prayer if Pastor Kong is innocent?” There are at least three simple answers to this:

a.) Pastor Kong needs wisdom in answering the questions from the authority. One mistaken word may even put him in a disadvantaged position.

b.) Pastor Kong needs good physical health. Investigation is tiring. He may fall sick anytime.

c.) The church needs prayer for unity. Some members are leaving the church.

I am just a semi-outsider because I am a member but I am not in the leadership :P so, here is my opinion.

Seriously, I don’t think Pastor Kong has done anything wrong; I don’t think there is misuse of fund whatsoever. I don’t think Pastor Kong and Sun use the church money for their own personal lives.

There is good indication that Pastor Kong and Sun are doing well in the investigation. If they were not, would they still have time to lead the Holy Communion? To prepare sermon? To preach? To practice singing? To lead the praise and worship in church? To update Facebook? If they were not doing well in the investigation, shouldn’t they spend their time in discussion with the lawyers on how to answer the authority or in finding evidence to support their position?

But, in the (highly unlikely) event that they are proven guilty, what will I do?

So, be it. I will stay here in CHC. I am not perfect, and neither are Pastor Kong and Sun. I commit plenty mistakes, and so do they. I also am sure the leadership will do something about the situation. Perhaps they will increase the strictness of the fund management or something similar to that.


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