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If God Created the Universe, Then Who Created God?

I happened to come across this sentence in a theology book. It is indeed an interesting question. In particular, I am sure every Christian has to be able to answer this. Any critics or atheists can just come up with this questions to mock or confuse Christians. We as Christians then have to answer them “with gentleness and respect” (I Pet 3:15).

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati from Creation Ministries International (my favorite website!! :D) has written an article to answer this question. You can view it here:

My following post is just another way of answering this question :)

First of all, God, by definition, is not created. So, this question seriously undermines logic. It is just like asking, “Who froze this flame?” (although Frozen Flame is featured in Chrono Cross game :P)

Just how valid is the definition “God is not created”?

Let’s consider the following pattern:

– A creates B

Whenever we say A creates B, it implies that A is much more powerful than B. A here may consist of more than one entity. For instance:

– Jefri bakes cakes (although in reality he can only eat cakes :P)

Here A = Jefri+flour+egg+butter+oven+etc whereas B = cakes. Clearly, A here is more “powerful” than B.

Since God is the most powerful, there is no way God can be created. Hence, “Who created God?” is an illogical question. In fact, I can’t remember who, but a church father said this before, “In order to know who created God, we need to invent a word defined as something more powerful than God Himself.”

Having said this, I want to emphasize that the universe does not arise by chance. Big Bang theory has plenty flaws here and there. Even secular scientists said so:



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