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Last Weekend Happenings; SOT Graduation Service

I guess there has been plenty blog entries about last weekend happening, that is the School of Theology Graduation Service. The graduated students+their friends+their families attended the service and joined in the celebration. Facebook is immensely colored with plenty photos to celebrate their milestone in life.

Congratulations for all my SOT friends: James, Mike, Audrey, Dorinna, Jacqueline, Victor, Joanne, Susanna Candy, Gladys, Louise and others! (sorry I have not uploaded the photos yet >.< soon I will.)

I guess I need to enroll myself in SOT too one day. Although it may not be a full theology course like B. Th. degree, it still will equip me with enough theology and ministry training. I am sure this training in turn will help me to be more effective in serving God and others. Well, if God permits, maybe once I finish this graduate degree program? :P

Here is a few photos. I will upload the entire photos later in the evening >.<

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