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Research Stuffs

I had a dinner with some juniors on Sunday night. One of them is now having internship in research field. “I can’t get any result. My supervisor looks unhappy.”

I guess I am not alone. In this field, there has been plenty stories of failure much more than stories of success. In essence, research is about trial and error. Of course,  a researcher has to analyze the error in order to avoid making the same error. That is the theory. However, things are getting significantly different when one has to practice it.

Last Saturday, a SOT student and Pastor Kong preached about having faith. Indeed I have been hearing the same message again and again. However, things become different when I am in difficulty. Difficulty is the time when I really reflect and meditate on the message.

Uncertainty. Unknown. Unpredictability. That’s the nature of research.

Charles Spurgeon in his daily devotion book, Evening by Evening, wrote this:

“The experience of barrenness is painful, but the Lord’s visitations are delightful. A sense of our own poverty drives us to Christ.” (August 28 devotion)-emphasis added.

Yeah, I need to have faith and lean on the LORD. Then, I do the best I can

(PS: Get your copy of Evening by Evening in Attributes today :P)

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