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Yesterday’s Happening

Hmm, things happened. Plenty. I may not have time to ponder over them, though >.<

Pastor Tan preached a vey good message. “Would you rather be the master’s dog or lost sheep?”

A dog or a sheep?

“Dog” may sound humiliating. Yet, the dog is in the house and the master of the house is a good master who never forgets to feed the dog.

“Sheep” may not sound so humiliating. However, the sheep is lost. There is no one to take care of it.

Similarly, the way to approach God is through humility. After all, God created and owns us. Of course, we should come to Him in reverence.

It was really a wonderful message! Yes, the word is for me! Amen, let it come to pass in my life!

=D =D =D

MRT disruption was seriously irritating. I had to take bus 154 from Boon Lay to Clementi then continue with train from Clementi to Expo. Thank God I made it for the pre-service prayer meeting. When I went back to NTU, I took train from Expo to Clementi, the shuttle bus service from Clementi to Jurong East. In Jurong East, the train to Lakeside took a very long time to come. Agitated, I used train to Bukit Batok then took bus 157 to Boon Lay.

Hmm, please be careful with the disruption, ok? Do plan for your journey first. And, hopefully the website below helps you



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