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Does Genesis 1 contradict Genesis 2?

“I hate evolution. God did it and someone else gets the credit,” Pastor Phil taught.

The notion of creation vs evolution may not be so serious in Singapore. However, it is a serious issue in England and Australia at least. Many Christians have lost their faith because of evolution concept. Simply speaking, evolution undermines the notion of the Creator and people start doubting whether God exists or not.

Seriously, while mutation (bacteria becoming bacteria, for instance) is scientific, evolution (bacteria becoming bacteriologist, for instance) is unscientific. Evolution clearly violates laws of thermodynamics. In short, disordered chemicals in the presence of disordered energy source does not make ordered system of living being. Evolution concept is so strong simply because people do not want God in their life.

Hehehe, sorry sorry, it’s pretty technical, I know. Nevertheless, I will put in more technical details and plenty examples in the future post :D

Please don’t say: “God uses evolution to create life”. This argument has no biblical basis whatsoever. Adam was made from dust, not from chemical soup.

Apart from that, have you ever felt confused when you read Genesis 1 and 2? Do they contradict each other? It seems that plant was created before man in Genesis 1 whereas in Genesis 2 man was created before plant. For instance, you can take a look at Genesis 2:5

Hehehe, the answer is: they do not. You can find the explanation here

In short, the Hebrew word for “plant” in Genesis 1 is different from that in Genesis 2. “Plant” in Genesis 1 does not require man and rain to grow, unlike “plant” in Genesis 2 which requires rain and man to grow.

In addition to that, Genesis 1 is the summary of 6 days of creation whereas Genesis 2 is detailed event on Day 6 :)

The Bible is trustworthy, starting from its very first book, Genesis.



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