Quote of the Day from Pastor Phil Pringle

Hmm, here are some memorable quotes from Pastor Phil Pringle.

“God already has all the solutions before you even think you have the problems yet.”

So, everyone, let’s have faith in God always, ok? :)

“Knowing that “God provides” does not excuse us from hard work. Tithing is not substitute for effort… When God planted Adam and Eve in the garden… work itself was intended to be their lifestyle… Work is something God intended for us to enjoy. It is a calling from God.”

The quote above is taken from Keys to Financial Excellence book. So, everyone, it is a not a good thing to avoid working. Instead, let’s have a lifestyle of working, ok? :)

“Don’t blame God for problems. Ask Him for solutions… You may have caused problem yourself and feel that you don’t deserve His help. That’s what mercy is all about-helping you out of the mess you’ve made.”

The quote above is taken from But God book. Once again, keep trusting the Lord, ok? :)

Do look forward to the review of But God :D :D

(P.S.: Get your copy of both books mentioned above in Attributes today :D)

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