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How to Get a Girlfriend

You’re wrong if you expect me to give you some tips and tricks and strategy in doing so. I myself have no idea in attracting a girl simply because so far the response I have got is something like this:

Naruto Sakura

I am just compiling what others have told me. 

Sometimes I intentionally interviewed people and sometimes they told me although I did not intentionally interview them.

Well, if you’re a guy, hopefully what they say can help you. If you’re a girl, at least you will recognize what plan the guys around you are carrying out.

Let’s start, shall we?

Friend 1 (attached guy) : You should not like that girl. You should make her like you. When you like a girl, you should tell yourself that you don’t like her.

Friend 2 (attached guy) : You should date her at least five times before confessing to her.

Friend 3 (attached guy) : I just talked to her.. and we are attached.

Friend 4 (attached girl) : When you like a girl, you should not say it verbally. You should try to approach her without saying you like her.

Someone (I heard from a Youtube video) : When a guy likes you, pay attention to what he does, not what he says.

And.. even a female lecturer gave me some advice!!!

Lecturer                      : Do it slowly. Take your time. Sometimes the truth hurts. Although a girl knows you like her, please don’t say it. When there is any progress, please let me know. I will help you.

……. “-_-

Interestingly, this attraction stuff can make a good business. I regularly received an email from a dating expert who regularly conducts a workshop for guys on how to attract a girl. And of course, I can’t possibly publicize it here as it will reveal guys’ secret techniques to girls.

Don’t ask me what method I am using, ok? It’s super secret.

Hmm, should I join Tic Tac Toe CHC?

:P :P :P :P

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