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Book Review III: But God

My third book review :) although I planned it to be the fourth one.


Last year I initially bought this book to help a friend. However, at the end, I realized she actually did not need this book “-_- So, effectively I bought this book for myself.

Background of Author

As I mentioned in the second review, Pastor Phil Pringle is the senior minister of Christian City Church Oxford Falls in Sydney, Australia. He is also the founder and president of Christian City Church International (C3i). Pastor Phil is an artist and here in this book, we can see some of his artworks.


This book is more like book of encouragement. In every bad situation, be it caused by our own mistakes, or by others, or even if the cause is not clear, we can always trust God to provide the solution we need. Pastor Phil listed 38 situations in which God acted and turned trouble into triumph. He explained each difficult situation in photos, drawings and showed from the Scripture how God provided miracle in such an impossible situation.

Here are some snapshots:

20092010500  20092010501  20092010502  20092010504  20092010506  20092010507

Self Reflection

“Instead of being a victim and feeling that your past rules your life with negativity, start believing that God the Redeemer has transformed every bad thing in your life into a blessing. Believe this today!” (page 202). To me, at least this point in time, this is the statement God keeps reminding me. I experienced much failure in the past. Thank God I have got over all the feeling of disappointment. No matter how many times I failed in the past, I am sure God will do something about it. Yes, God will do something about it.

Well, what else are you waiting for? Go to Attributes and get a copy of But God today! (


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