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Apologetics of the Day: Is the Bible Evil?

One of the heresies which once appeared in the history is Marcionism. Basically, it says that God of the Old Testament is an “evil God” whereas God of the New Testament is the “good God”. Well, if you google it, I am sure you can find many websites with rebuttals to this concept.

Still, many of us who only know a little about the context of the ancient world in Old Testament or Hebrew word may be feeling confused when we read the Old Testament. Me included. Many times I read Old Testament passages and have question marks here and there.

Nowadays, there are plenty skeptics who read the Old Testament and accuse the Bible as being an evil book, especially in the area of human sacrifice, rape, murder and slavery. However, proper understanding of the context of the ancient world and Hebrew word reveal the flaws of these skeptics’ arguments.

Christian Ministries International (CMI, my favorite website! Sorry, Attributes :P :P) has written a wonderful apologetics to answer their arguments. You can view it here:

Have you ever felt confused when you read following passages in the Old Testament?

Human Sacrifice

Genesis 22:1-8:              Isaac as human sacrifice?

Exodus 11: 1-2, 11, 16:   The priest threatened to kill the kids unless they are redeemed with burnt offerings?

Judges 11:29-40:           Did Jepthah really kill his daughter and use her as a burnt offering?


Judges 21:10-24:           Was it really a “rape”? Or, was it “kidnapping and forced marriage”?

Numbers 31:7-18:          What really happened to those young little virgin girls?

Deuteronomy 21:10-14:  What really happened to the captive women?


II Kings 2:23-24:            Why were the 42 young men mauled by 2 bears anyway?

II Samuel 6:3-7             Was Uzzah’s death penalty justified?

Acts 5:1-11                  Was Apostle Peter really responsible for the death of Ananias and Saphira?


Did the Bible encourage slavery? Was “slavery” in the ancient world the same as the “slavery” we understand in modern day context?

I shall not reproduce here what CMI has written. So, you can check the link above to find the answer.



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