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Food Here and There+Quote of the Day (from Jefri)

A cleaning auntie passed me some food the week after Hari Raya holiday. Maybe in her house there was abundance of food on that day and she passed some to me.

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Last Saturday my CG had fellowship at 313 after church service.

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A labmate passed me mooncake on Monday.


This morning the same auntie passed me food again. Due to Mid Autumn Festival, maybe? :)



First conversation:

Friend 1: Jefri, next time don’t forget to get wasabe and soy sauce.

Me:        It is not as if we sit down and eat sushi. We eat it while we are standing.

Friend 1: You really do not know how to enjoy food.


Second conversation:

Friend 2: You should not have bought food from this stall. It is not nice. The nice one is from that stall.

Me:        Well, it tastes the same. As long as we are hungry, all food tastes nice.

Friend 2: You really do not know nice food.


Third conversation

Friend 3: Everyday you eat from canteen B?

Me:        Yes

Friend 3: I am quite bored with the food here.

Me:        As long as we are hungry, all food tastes nice.

Friend 3: So, you make yourself hungry all the time?

Me:       Well, labwork is stressful.


I really mean it. All food tastes nice as long as we are hungry. It is written in the Bible, “He who is full loathes honey, but to the hungry even what is bitter tastes sweet.” (Proverb 27:7 NIV, emphasis added). So next time, you feel the food is no longer tastes nice but it is healthy, you should make your tummy empty and eat it :P


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