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CG Meeting Last Night

Hmm, CG meeting last night was super memorable. There are plenty quotes here and there from my leader, both publicly and personally to me.

1.) “Please be punctual. If you can’t make it on time, please SMS me.”

Well, I don’t think I was late. I managed to arrive a few moments before 7.45 pm. In fact, even if I had been late, I would have had the right to blame the bus. I arrived at the bus interchange at 6.55 pm and the bus departed….. at 7.30 pm!!! Anyway, I guess I will leave 15 minutes earlier from lab next time just to be safe. Also, I will SMS my leader as soon as I arrive in the bus interchange just in case the bus takes a loooooong time to depart.

2.) “If you have any important decision to make, please let me know beforehand. At least, I can give you my 2-cents thought. After I give you my thought, it is then up to you to decide.”

Of course, it does not mean the leader is trying to interfere with the members’ lives. He only tries to give a second opinion about the situation. This is because he is responsible over the well-being of the members. After giving his opinion, the responsibility now shifts to the members because they have free-will choice. Who holds the leader responsible? God Himself. God always holds a shepherd responsible over the welfare of his sheep.

3.) “(Jefri)… You move too fast, too furious, too scary…”

Well, this quote is for me personally. So, I shall not tell you the context of this quote and how it applies to me.

(Nevertheless, I am indeed fast and furious and fearsome simply because I master Flying Thunder God technique (Hiraishin no Jutsu) just like the Fourth Hokage/Minato. If he is the Yellow Flash, I am the Black Flash. Like him, I can wipe out the entire army legion in a blink of eye)

Yondaime  (credit goes to Narutopedia)



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