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Summary of Saturday’s Happenings (Part 2)

Well, it’s continuation from yesterday’s post :) So, here is the conversation which took place.

Friend 1:                I had a relationship in the past. However, we broke up.

Me:                       Are you still friend with her?

Friend 1:                No.


That reminds me of certain conversation in Facebook which had taken place a few months ago. Roughly, it was like this.

Friend 2:               Why does a guy no longer befriend a girl who rejects him?

Me:                       I was either ignored or rejected by a lot of girls. Yet, I still befriend them.

Response 1:           That is called male’s pride

Friend 2:                Which a girl does not like.

Response 2:          What if it is the other way round?


Well, maybe I do not know the pain of breaking up. I only have experienced the pain of being rejected or ignored. Initially, it hurt a lot. Eventually, I am used to getting to it :P

I remember there was this girl who in the end avoided me no matter how hard I tried to approach her. Partly it was my fault when I approached her. It happened a few years ago. At the end, I decided to just stay away from her and break any contact with her. However, one day, she SMS-ed me as she had a difficulty in certain module in school. Can you guess what I did…? I helped her! :D Yes, I was able to maintain the friendship with her and even now I still befriend her.

In fact, I still befriend all the girls who did not respond to me as I had hoped :)

Well, I am not hoping of experiencing any break up in the future, of course. However, if that happens, I will try my best to still befriend that girl. My Friend 1’ experience is an insightful lesson for me.


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