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Unequally Yoked with Unbeliever?

Today Creation Ministries International (CMI) wrote an article about Stephen Hawking, an atheistic scientist. He has come up with a book The Grand Design, trying to explain the universe without God. Dr. Jonathan Sarfati from CMI has written a number of rebuttals to Hawking’s opinion. You can view it here:

What attracts me the most is the fact that Hawking was initially married to a Christian wife, Jane. She clearly disobeyed God’s command by marrying an unbeliever. During their marriage and family life, there were plenty conflicts because of the two diametrically opposed worldviews. Despite such situation, she kept trying to hold the family together; she did not want to have any divorce. However, eventually Hawking abandoned her as he fell in love with another woman. Hawking’s terms were he would live with Jane and the family for some days, and for the other days he would live with the other woman.

You can view the story here:

… It was such a heartbreaking story indeed.

And, it is such a stern warning for me: “Do not unequally yoked with an unbeliever.”… (II Cor 6:14)

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