Leaders’ Meeting Yesterday

It was such a wonderful time in the leaders’ meeting at Jurong West church yesterday. I experienced and learned many things. After the Attributes’ meeting, I attended the Attributes meeting. Well, I will first explain the Attributes meeting then the leaders’ meeting.

Attributes is going to have such a fantastic event this month. Just a spoiler for you all: we will turn the whole bookstore into something else :P so make sure you come down there and purchase our products, ok? :) We need to make sales too as to cover the cost of the event :D In fact, there is certain dress code for all the retail assistants. Luckily, last Monday I bought shirt and belt to help myself prepare for this event :D

Dr. Bernard taught us wonderful lessons. Here are some quotes from him:

a.) “There has to be measurable progress in reasonable time. Otherwise, we need to make substantial changes.”

b.) “Don’t confuse movement with progress. Are the activities bringing us closer to the objectives?”

Yeah, the quotes above basically deal with the issue of progress. Indeed, life has to move on, However, it has to move on to a certain goal, can’t be just any direction.

c.) “God does not put His promise in our hands. He sets in within our reach.”

In other words, we still have to stretch our hands and work toward it. So, don’t be lazy, ok?

The praise and worship session was fantastic too. In particular, we sang the song “Forever Reign” from Hillsong Beautiful Exchange album. I wept when we were singing the chorus “I am running to Your arms.” There has been just too much emotional upheaval in me. Thank God, I can always find comfort and consolation in Him. So here, I wanted to paste the video clip of the song. However, it looks like the embedding does not work at all. So, maybe you can view it on youtube? Nevertheless, do purchase the CD/DVD in Attributes too if you don’t have it, ok? :D


You are good, You are good
When there’s nothing good in me
You are love, You are love
On display for all to see
You are light, You are light
When the darkness closes in
You are hope, You are hope
You have covered all my sin

You are peace, You are peace
When my fear is crippling
You are true, You are true
Even in my wandering
You are joy, You are joy
You’re the reason that I sing
You are life, You are life,
In You death has lost it’s sting

Oh, I’m running to Your arms,
I’m running to Your arms
The riches of Your love
Will always be enough
Nothing compares to Your embrace
Light of the world forever reign

You are more, You are more
Than my words will ever say
You are Lord, You are Lord
All creation will proclaim
You are here, You are here
In Your presence I’m made whole
You are God, You are God
Of all else I’m letting go

Oh, I’m running to Your arms
I’m running to Your arms
The riches of Your love
Will always be enough
Nothing compares to Your embrace
Light of the world forever reign

My heart will sing
no other Name
Jesus, Jesus

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