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Food Here and There+Quote of the Day (from Jefri)

A cleaning auntie passed me some food the week after Hari Raya holiday. Maybe in her house there was abundance of food on that day and she passed some to me.

15092010427  15092010428

Last Saturday my CG had fellowship at 313 after church service.

18092010491  18092010493  18092010494

A labmate passed me mooncake on Monday.


This morning the same auntie passed me food again. Due to Mid Autumn Festival, maybe? :)



First conversation:

Friend 1: Jefri, next time don’t forget to get wasabe and soy sauce.

Me:        It is not as if we sit down and eat sushi. We eat it while we are standing.

Friend 1: You really do not know how to enjoy food.


Second conversation:

Friend 2: You should not have bought food from this stall. It is not nice. The nice one is from that stall.

Me:        Well, it tastes the same. As long as we are hungry, all food tastes nice.

Friend 2: You really do not know nice food.


Third conversation

Friend 3: Everyday you eat from canteen B?

Me:        Yes

Friend 3: I am quite bored with the food here.

Me:        As long as we are hungry, all food tastes nice.

Friend 3: So, you make yourself hungry all the time?

Me:       Well, labwork is stressful.


I really mean it. All food tastes nice as long as we are hungry. It is written in the Bible, “He who is full loathes honey, but to the hungry even what is bitter tastes sweet.” (Proverb 27:7 NIV, emphasis added). So next time, you feel the food is no longer tastes nice but it is healthy, you should make your tummy empty and eat it :P


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Apologetics of the Day: Is the Bible Evil?

One of the heresies which once appeared in the history is Marcionism. Basically, it says that God of the Old Testament is an “evil God” whereas God of the New Testament is the “good God”. Well, if you google it, I am sure you can find many websites with rebuttals to this concept.

Still, many of us who only know a little about the context of the ancient world in Old Testament or Hebrew word may be feeling confused when we read the Old Testament. Me included. Many times I read Old Testament passages and have question marks here and there.

Nowadays, there are plenty skeptics who read the Old Testament and accuse the Bible as being an evil book, especially in the area of human sacrifice, rape, murder and slavery. However, proper understanding of the context of the ancient world and Hebrew word reveal the flaws of these skeptics’ arguments.

Christian Ministries International (CMI, my favorite website! Sorry, Attributes :P :P) has written a wonderful apologetics to answer their arguments. You can view it here:

Have you ever felt confused when you read following passages in the Old Testament?

Human Sacrifice

Genesis 22:1-8:              Isaac as human sacrifice?

Exodus 11: 1-2, 11, 16:   The priest threatened to kill the kids unless they are redeemed with burnt offerings?

Judges 11:29-40:           Did Jepthah really kill his daughter and use her as a burnt offering?


Judges 21:10-24:           Was it really a “rape”? Or, was it “kidnapping and forced marriage”?

Numbers 31:7-18:          What really happened to those young little virgin girls?

Deuteronomy 21:10-14:  What really happened to the captive women?


II Kings 2:23-24:            Why were the 42 young men mauled by 2 bears anyway?

II Samuel 6:3-7             Was Uzzah’s death penalty justified?

Acts 5:1-11                  Was Apostle Peter really responsible for the death of Ananias and Saphira?


Did the Bible encourage slavery? Was “slavery” in the ancient world the same as the “slavery” we understand in modern day context?

I shall not reproduce here what CMI has written. So, you can check the link above to find the answer.



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Book Review III: But God

My third book review :) although I planned it to be the fourth one.


Last year I initially bought this book to help a friend. However, at the end, I realized she actually did not need this book “-_- So, effectively I bought this book for myself.

Background of Author

As I mentioned in the second review, Pastor Phil Pringle is the senior minister of Christian City Church Oxford Falls in Sydney, Australia. He is also the founder and president of Christian City Church International (C3i). Pastor Phil is an artist and here in this book, we can see some of his artworks.


This book is more like book of encouragement. In every bad situation, be it caused by our own mistakes, or by others, or even if the cause is not clear, we can always trust God to provide the solution we need. Pastor Phil listed 38 situations in which God acted and turned trouble into triumph. He explained each difficult situation in photos, drawings and showed from the Scripture how God provided miracle in such an impossible situation.

Here are some snapshots:

20092010500  20092010501  20092010502  20092010504  20092010506  20092010507

Self Reflection

“Instead of being a victim and feeling that your past rules your life with negativity, start believing that God the Redeemer has transformed every bad thing in your life into a blessing. Believe this today!” (page 202). To me, at least this point in time, this is the statement God keeps reminding me. I experienced much failure in the past. Thank God I have got over all the feeling of disappointment. No matter how many times I failed in the past, I am sure God will do something about it. Yes, God will do something about it.

Well, what else are you waiting for? Go to Attributes and get a copy of But God today! (


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Yesterday’s Happening: Baptism Service 18, September, 2010+Special Announcement

Yuup, I am super happy for my friends: Melodie, Shaun and Audrey who went through baptism yesterday. I am sure God has prepared a new and exciting adventure ahead of them. Coincidentally, Pastor Kenneth’s parents in law went through baptism as well. Hehehee, the photos and videos are up on Facebook.

18092010466 18092010477 18092010464

My apologies: I set the privacy in such a way that only KS Zone people can view them >.<

A special announcement from Pastor Derek pertaining the investigation in CHC: the leaders were neither dishonest nor improperly benefited.

Hehehehehe, praise the LORD! I knew it! I could sense it! =D

There is no way Pastor Kong and Sun would misuse the fund.

But anyway, let’s wait until CAD announces the outcome.

By the way, please ignore my Facebook profile picture. I am just not in a happy mood…


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How to Get a Girlfriend

You’re wrong if you expect me to give you some tips and tricks and strategy in doing so. I myself have no idea in attracting a girl simply because so far the response I have got is something like this:

Naruto Sakura

I am just compiling what others have told me. 

Sometimes I intentionally interviewed people and sometimes they told me although I did not intentionally interview them.

Well, if you’re a guy, hopefully what they say can help you. If you’re a girl, at least you will recognize what plan the guys around you are carrying out.

Let’s start, shall we?

Friend 1 (attached guy) : You should not like that girl. You should make her like you. When you like a girl, you should tell yourself that you don’t like her.

Friend 2 (attached guy) : You should date her at least five times before confessing to her.

Friend 3 (attached guy) : I just talked to her.. and we are attached.

Friend 4 (attached girl) : When you like a girl, you should not say it verbally. You should try to approach her without saying you like her.

Someone (I heard from a Youtube video) : When a guy likes you, pay attention to what he does, not what he says.

And.. even a female lecturer gave me some advice!!!

Lecturer                      : Do it slowly. Take your time. Sometimes the truth hurts. Although a girl knows you like her, please don’t say it. When there is any progress, please let me know. I will help you.

……. “-_-

Interestingly, this attraction stuff can make a good business. I regularly received an email from a dating expert who regularly conducts a workshop for guys on how to attract a girl. And of course, I can’t possibly publicize it here as it will reveal guys’ secret techniques to girls.

Don’t ask me what method I am using, ok? It’s super secret.

Hmm, should I join Tic Tac Toe CHC?

:P :P :P :P

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Radical Love vs Cycle of Hatred

“God knows it takes a radical lover to break the cycle of interpersonal hostility… Cycles of hostility must be stopped is there is ever going to be relational harmony in this world, and it will take radical, non-retaliatory, second mile lovers to stop it. Someone has to take a blow, insult or slap instead of returning it. Somebody has to absorb and injustice instead of inflicting another one on somebody else.”

Above passage is taken from the book Who You Are When No One’s Looking. When I read it, somehow it rang a bell in my mind as I heard similar line somewhere in Naruto series. Hehehe, can you guess where it is?

Naruto: "If you attack Konoha… I will have to fight you… so save up your hatred and take it all on me… I’m the only one who can take it! It’s the only thing I can do! I will shoulder your hatred and die with you!

Sasuke: … Who the h*** are you!!? Why do you care so much!!?

Naruto: Because…. we’re friends.

Do look forward to the review of Who You Are When No One’s Looking, ok? :D

(P.S.: Get your copy of Who You Are When No One’s Looking in Attributes today! :D)

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Serving the Customers Better

Many times, customers come and ask me about the location of a certain product. One time there was a customer who asked me the album of a certain song. Unfortunately, I was not able to answer on the spot >.<

Well, since then, I have decided too buy the products myself, both the CDs and books. Somehow, in the end I realized there were plenty good books in Attributes. Also, the CDs actually contain a lot of nice songs. By frequently listening to the songs, I can memorize the lyrics faster too. On top of that, I can serve the customers better.

17072010083  (purchased in July)

12092010397 (purchased this month)

Hehehhee, if you still have no copy of both albums, do go to Attributes and purchase them, ok?

:D :D

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