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Summary of Saturday’s Happening

Another exciting post from an exciting time of serving.

Team B managed to finish the set up, display and cleaning much earlier. Even Cherry was amazed with that. Then, we had a product sharing session:

James: Ten Critical Laws of Relationship



Jasmine: But God



Robin: Facing the Giants



Dorinna brought cupcakes!! Praise the LORD! She is the key person which makes team B Saturday Expo more fantastic than any other teams!! Hehehe, some of you may envy us Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out She brought cheese cream, plain and milk cupcakes.

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Cherry had an idea which she had implemented since last week: to cut the cross word puzzle from City News and then invite the customers to participate in it. Honestly, the puzzle Morgan set is harder than the previous one. But of course, he privately gave us more hint and we in turn gave hint to the customers as well Open-mouthed smile


Pastor Tan preached about the work of God. For us, we may not want to experience death. But for God, God wants us to experience the glory of resurrection. Hence, He allows death to come to our life in many different forms. “Are you willing to be sick so that God’s name be glorified?” he asked. Hmm, that’s really a serious question to ponder. In the end, he mentioned that coming to church is like coming a hairstylist: God is the hairstylist. He trims and cuts our hair here and there, in other words, He molds and shapes us to become more and more like Jesus Lord. Hmm, that was a wonderful analogy indeed Smile


After the duty, many funny things happened. A friend’s jeans were torn. I heard it happened when he was kneeling down. Well, maybe because he is too fat..? Smile with tongue out

We celebrated Dorinna’s birthday!! Unfortunately, my HP was running out of battery, so I could not take full video. As usual, only Attributes people can see the video.

Fellowship time! We had dinner at usual place: Bedok Smile with tongue out unlike team A, many team B people stay in the east. Sorry, again there is no picture.. >.<

A conversation full of laughter took place… (to be continued)

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