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Conversation Over Dinner on Saturday

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A friend tried to poke straw into the cap of the sugar cane cup. Me, on the other hand, tried to help to no avail.

Jeffrey:       Jefri, manhood, you know!

Jefri:             What manhood? I wanted to remove cap for her. It is easier for the straw to go in.

Jacqueline: Girls don’t like that!

Jefri:              Why not we just remove the cap? We can even drink it directly without any straw.

All:                 *sweat…


Jefri:          I used to approach *** (a girl’s name). But now, I have given up. So, I am trying to approach another girl.

All:             WHO???

Jefri:         SECRET!!

Friend 1: The one with long hair (friend 1 knows whom I like)

Kit Qin:    K***? S***? ***, *** (and other names of girls whom I don’t even know).

Wailun:   Must be from team A!


Jacqueline: Men are like waffles, women are like spaghetti

Jefri:              Oh, I am somewhere in between. So, I have the best of both worlds.

Robin:          Jefri, you are half baked waffles.


Dorinna:      Why are you all eating noodles?

Jefri:             Oh, noodles are slippery, smooth, easier to swallow.

All:                 *sweat…

Jacqueline: He meant what he said.

Dorinna:       What about the taste?

Jefri:              All food tastes nice as long as we are hungry.

All:                 *sweat…

Jacqueline: He meant what he said.


Jeffrey:   Can you guess my age?

Dorinna: 20+?

Jeffrey:   I am 31.

Dorinna: Usually we are never wrong when we guess people’s age (referring to Mike and her). But only for these two, then we got the age wrong (referring to Jeffrey and me).

Jefri:        Then, how old did you think I was?

Mike:       30

Yeah, right, I look way older than my age!


Dorinna:        Please be nice toward ***. The family has some problem.

Jefri:                I will teach him to be a real man!

Jacqueline:   (looking at me) You can only teach what you have.


Hehehehe, fellowship time rocks!


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