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Reading Books as a Habit

Initially, I was not the type of person who read books. My reason was because I had no time to do so as I had to read scientific publication whenever I had free time.

Since joining Attributes, my perspective has changed.

I admit I first developed the habit of reading book because I wanted to write the review of it and to publish it in this blog. Well, you can say my blog is like advertisement sometimes. I wanted to push the sales as this ministry gives a portion of its profit back to church. So, by pushing the sales, I indirectly give to church.

In the end, I realized, there are plenty good books in Attributes. By reading them, I will have wider horizon on life. Life is more than just research. It is also about character, leadership, making money (Open-mouthed smile), attracting a girl (Smile with tongue out), dating, building marriage, improving health, parenting, prayer and understanding of God’s Word (Smile), etc. Clearly, things like these are hardly part of any school curriculum. Where can we get such additional knowledge about life? Books are one important source.

Last week, I heard from a friend Attributes sales on an overseas book fair was not really good. The people there were not so open, I heard.

Books are rather cheap, actually. If you check Attributes website, many of them are below 30 bucks (inclusive GST). Well, rather than spending time by sleeping or letting this mind wander around while riding on bus or train, why we not read books? The wealth of knowledge we can gain is certainly worth far above 30 bucks.

Having said that, I would like to encourage you, please do not photocopy books. It violates copyright. If you really have no budget, at least you can borrow from friends.

Keep reading, ok? Smile

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