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Summary of Saturday’s Happening (Part 1) [30, Oct, 2010]

Team A rocks! (But of course, team B rocks more!!!)

The setting up is still the same. But most likely it will be different for next week as Attributes will move from EAT to LIVE.

One of the members in Team A (don’t know how to spell her name) passed handmade  HP pouch to Praise. Wenyi commented, “Jefri, this is the fastest way to attract a girl.” Yeah, right… I have no such skill although my Mom has it… (You know, sometimes there are skills you can’t copy even with Sharingan)

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We finished the setting up AND cleaning at 2.40 pm. Following is the conversation which took place during cleaning.

Anzoe: There is pencil mark here (on the shelves).

Jefri:     Oh, it is a pencil? Use eraser, don’t use weird chemicals.

Anzoe: Really?

Few moments later, she came back with an eraser.

Anzoe: (erase, erase, erase) It worked!

Jefri:     See?

Praise: Jefri, you are studying chemical, aren’t you?


Then, we played a game. Abel and Alvin got the forfeit. Well, you can take a look at the video on Facebook Smile with tongue out

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Serene conducted a quiz for us: guessing the names of the Pastor. I did not know that we had 21 pastors in total so far!! I could only guess 12 of them correctly >.< Jingyi, Abel and Seth got most of them correct!! Serene gave a prize to Abel and Seth: Attributes Voucher 10 dollars to each of them. Jingyi is a SIC so she did not get any prize Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

Chloe shared with us Leadership Conference CD


I took photo of Serene’s new claw: black and shiny Open-mouthed smile


The praise and worship session was fantastic. We all sang in one accord, “I will sing to You, Lord, a hymn of love for Your faithfulness in me…” Yeah my God is faithful.. my God shall keep all his promises to me..

Pastor Kong preached about hope. Even in the midst of gloomy situation, we all need to stay hopeful. He gave two acronyms of hope. HOPE = Have Only Positive Expectation. HOPE = Holding Onto Prayer Everyday. Indeed, in my current situation,  sometimes I feel like giving up hope as things just are not working out.. Nevertheless, I will just keep following the Lord until I see something His reward at the end of this journey..

[to be continued]

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