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Ministry Meeting Tuesday [2, November, 2010]

Hehehe, my third time to be in Kallang office Open-mouthed smile

First, I took photo of the map because I was still unfamiliar with the way to get there.


Well, last time when I came to the meeting, I came late. But on Tuesday, I really came earlier and helped out in arranging the chair.

To my surprise, the meeting started with Praise and Worship session!! I really did not know it was like a CG meeting.

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Hmm, it was fun as I had more chance to seek the LORD Open-mouthed smile

I realized more on the importance of bookstore ministry. Indeed this ministry is business in nature and profit seeking. Yet, part of the profit this ministry earns is donated back to church. At the same time, the spiritual materials such  as books, sermons, music and Bibles greatly help the members grow in their walk with God. I myself have bought several products and have been benefited a lot from them. So, it will be wonderful if other members experience the same benefit too.

There were a few projects announced. I joined in project 1: “What do the Customers Want?” My teammates include Jeffrey, Jessica, Wailun, Morgan, Serene and Praise. Guess who is the project leader?… Wailun!! Open-mouthed smile

Dear readers, do you have any suggestion or feedback so the bookstore can improve? Smile

Last but not least, on the journey back home, Morgan taught me a number of Chinese words. “Go and get a girlfriend. Then, ask her to teach you,” he suggested. Yes, that can be a good method but what if I need to master Chinese first before getting a girlfriend? Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

Looking forward to working together with Project 1 people!!


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