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CG Meeting Thursday [4, November, 2010]

I did not manage to come as early as usual as I had to head down to NTU Alumni Club and pay membership fee. Nevertheless, thank God I was not late.

My leader preached about patience. Be it in difficult situation, in dealing with difficult people or dealing with myself, I must stay patient. When it comes to waiting for God’s promise to come to pass, I need to stay patient too as God has His own timing. As I pray, the Holy Spirit leads me and strengthens me to persevere under difficult situation.


Leader: How many of you are experiencing tribulation?

Me:        (lifted up my hand)

Leader: (looking at me) Being unable to get a girlfriend is not a tribulation.


Well, it is!!!!! Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out


After the CG, we celebrated Gerald’s and Karen’s birthday.

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Happy birthday to Gerald and Karen!! Open-mouthed smile

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