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Sumary of Saturday Happening [6, November, 2010]

Morgan led the team on Cherry’s behalf. Hmm, I will not see her for quite some time. Next duty Serene will lead the team.

Unlike previous duties, last Saturday was the beginning of LIVE-PRAY campaign. It took quite some time for us to pack the sermon in the plastic package. The display was rather unique as there were plenty new books and Bibles.


We did a major change in terms of display in the right arena. So, the display differed a lot from the one mentioned in the DI.

06112010740 06112010741

Hehe, readers, do consider buying the sermon bundles in Attributes, ok? It is seriously a huge discount Open-mouthed smile

Hmm, as for me, my spending in the beginning of the month has seriously soared. So, I have to be more selective in terms of spending.

Carmelia shared with us “Honor’s Reward” during the briefing Smile


Pastor Phil delivered a short message from Isa 54. Afterwards, he prayed for us and imparted anointing on us. Hmm, I had never felt such a strong anointing on me. As I went forward to receive the impartation, I felt warmth on my lifted-up arms. Hehehe, thank God for such anointing to carry out His work Smile


After the duty and debrief, many of us went home. However, there was this conversation Smile with tongue out

Friend:  Jefri, I will introduce you to my niece.

Me:        How will I get to know her?

Friend:  I will inform you when there is gathering in my house.

Praise the LORD!!!!! Open-mouthed smile That is what I need.


We had dinner at Bedok. Believe or not, it was my only meal of the day as my tummy had been too full. Apparently the dinner  on Friday really occupied a lot of space in the inside Smile with tongue out


You can view the photos here:

Thank God for such a wonderful day! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

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