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CG Meeting Thursday [11, November, 2010]

Not many people attended the CG meeting. Some of us were busy with work and some with exam. My leader was pretty tempted to have dinner instead of usual CG meeting. Yet, in the end, we proceeded as per normal.

Kindness. We need to show kindness, especially to those who can’t repay our kindness. Lord Jesus showed kindness to everyone by sacrificing Himself. Some people responded well to His kindness and some did not. Nevertheless, the point is we obey God by showing kindness. Others’ response is not in our control.

Some food for fellowship in the end.

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Some people really enjoyed themselves.

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A message from Gerald to me along the way back to bus stop: “Just be yourself. Your heart is in the right place.”

Well, it’s time to show kindness to people around me then Smile

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