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Summary of Saturday’s Happening [13, November, 2010]

Well, it was another exciting duty time indeed. It was a time of exercise and helping out.

New products came and team A was seriously busy of preparing and setting up things.


Finally, we managed to finish the setting up by 3.40 pm Smile

Serene and Carol tried the cozy sofa.

13112010763 13112010768

During the briefing, Praise shared about Abundant Life Ministry CD album “Name Above All Names”.


Attributes really wants to improve the health of the soul and the spirit of the members by providing wonderful resources at affordable prices.

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If only my spending had not blown up, I would have purchased a book easily last Saturday “-_-


Pastor Kong preached about the different seasons of faith for every Christian. Using the analogy of four seasons in the world, he explained the following:

a.) Spring of faith:      A new beginning where a Christian prospers easily and feels extremely blessed.

b.) Summer of faith: A period of testing and temptation to prepare the Christian for the next level in life.

c.) Fall of faith:            Harvest season when a Christian reaps a great harvest from all his sowing and hard work.

d.) Winter of faith:   Season when a vine is pruned and it looks “crying”. It is a time of great trial and tribulation to strengthen the faith of the believer.


It was such a fantastic message and it perfectly fits me. More or less, now I am in the winter season. Life is just too difficult to describe…


After the service, fellowship time came Smile We dinner at Chic King City Hall

13112010777_thumb 13112010778_thumb

In my friends’ opinion, the potato tasted better than KFC’s potato’s Smile with tongue out 


Thank God for such a great Saturday.

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