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Punctuality: Quote of the Day

I was supposed to meet a certain time. Let’s call the place of meeting X. I was there 10 minutes late. It was my fault as I forgot to calculate the waiting time at the bus stop. At least, I managed to tell him earlier that I would be late. Guess what happened next? When I arrived at X, he was not yet there. His house was near X. So, he waited until I arrived first then he made a move…

In another occasion, I was supposed to meet a friend a certain time. Let’s call the place of meeting Y. I SMS-ed him when I was near Y. He told me he would be there soon. Guess what happened? He came one hour later…


I can’t remember whether it was my CGL or ZS who said these two statements. Here I am sharing them with you.

“Punctuality is the habit of a king.”

“If you try to be on time, you will be late.”


Yes, I agree. Respecting people’s time is important. I must not make other people wait for me.

A quote from Sasori (Naruto Shippuden) to conclude the two events.

Since I don’t like waiting or making other people wait … I’ll end this quickly.

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