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Power of Praise

In the previous post, I mentioned about the importance of praise to gain a victory in the midst of difficulties.

Recently, one song of praise has been ringing at the back of my mind.

I was first introduced to this song when I was still a kid.

I have given the English translation as this song is in Indonesian language. (


BERSAMA YESUS LAKUKAN PERKARA BESAR                          Together (with) Jesus (we) do mighty things

BERSAMA YESUS TIDAK ADA YANG SUKAR                              Together (with) Jesus (there’s) nothing difficult

BERSAMA YESUS ADA JALAN KELUAR                                         Together (with) Jesus there is a way out

UNTUK MASALAHKU, UNTUK MASALAHMU                            For my problem, for your problem

UNTUK MASALAH KITA SEMUA                                                     For all of our problem

YESUS ANAK DOMBA ALLAH                                                           Jesus, Lamb of God

JURUSELAMAT UMAT MANUSIA                                                   Jesus, Savior of mankind

YESUS TABIB YANG AJAIB                                                                Jesus, miraculous/wonderful Healer 

DIA MENYEMBUHKAN                                                                      He heals

DIA MENGUDUSKAN DIA MEMBENARKAN                              He sanctifies, He justifies

DIA RAJA S’GALA RAJA                                                                     He is the King of kings


How can praise bring victory in the midst of difficulties? Because praise and worship “invites” God, the Source of Victory, to come.

A quote from Pastor Phil from his book Moving in the Spirit (page 25):

“We can create atmospheres charged with God’s power through the use of spiritual tools that are at our disposal. One of the most valuable tools we have is praise. The power of praise cannot be underestimated. We rout Satan and purge spiritual atmospheres with worship. Praise makes way for God’s presence.”

Yes, I shall keep praising the LORD until the breakthrough comes.

(Get your copy of Moving in the Spirit in Attributes today, ok? Smile)

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