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Pastor Phil shared a wonderful message about hospitality on Tuesday.

In short, I have to be hospitable towards strangers, newcomers who come to church for the first time. This message is truly suitable for the coming Christmas season where thousands of people will come and visit churches and hear Christmas message.

“The key to win people to Christ is by winning them first to yourself and to church, then you win them to Christ.”

“15 minutes after the church service determines the church growth.”

Somehow, I have not been pretty hospitable to people recently. Maybe I have been too busy that I did not enough time to chat with them. When I talked to them, somehow I felt awkward. Or, maybe I have been too tired.

I guess the latter is more likely. Before I become hospitable to others, I need to be first hospitable toward myself.

Well, I shall keep reaching out by practicing hospitality then. Many people still “need” the LORD.

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