Summary of Saturday’s Happening [27, November, 2010]

It was my make up duty with Team A. So, instead of serving part time, I did full time duty.

27112010865 27112010869

Eat Live Pray campaign really brought in wonderful book titles. I really want to buy some of them as I do not like borrowing from people. However, due to budget constraint and my current book reading, I will not be able to buy them anytime soon.


But at least, I bought this CD as to support the sales. This CD is compilation of several songs in other Hillsong’s album.


New products of the week: daily devotional booklets.

27112010873 27112010874

Some fund raising for Janelle’s cancer treatment. Please do consider supporting her, ok? The notebook only costs 2 dollars whereas the Christmas cards 10 dollars per pack.

27112010882 27112010883

New improved display for Live and Pray campaign.


Praise really changed the layout of the right arena!!

The service was very good. During the praise and worship session, I used up almost one pack of tissues. Not because I was sneezing, but because… (you should know what happens to people who are in God’s presence). The sermon was fantastic too. It  was taken from Joshua conquering Jericho with God’s intervention. I will talk about it in the next post, ok?

After the duty time, we had our debriefing.


Stanley shared about the book Maximized Manhood by Pastor Edwin Louis Cole.


Jingyi shared about the book The 15 Revolution by Pastor Paul Scanlon.

27112010891 27112010893

Even a grasshopper reads the Bible. Shame on us, Christians, who are often lazy to read the Bible.


We had dinner at Bedok Interchange.


Question: can you guess which hand belongs to who?

Find the answer here:


Thank God for such a fun filled Saturday.


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