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Quote of the Day

Hmm, I have been planning to publish this post since long ago…

I guess Jiraiya’s quote best reflects my thought…


Continually rejected by Tsunade…

Orochimaru Jiraiya-2

Unable to stop my friend…

Fourth Hokage Third Hokage Jiraiya-2

And unable to protect both my mentor and student…

Pain Jiraiya-2

In the end I failed in that selection too..

Jiraiya's First Novel-2

How pitiful… What a worthless story…

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Back in Singapore

Hello, my dear readers.

Here I am back to Singapore.

It’s time to publish more crunchy posts! Smile

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Sermon Review IV: Sermon on the Mount CD4: Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

I love Sermon on The Mount!!


Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. These are the people who love to seek the Lord. Some people feel dry in the inside in the midst of God’s spectacular work. The key to tackle this dryness is by being hungry of God. Are we hungry for more of God? Do we wait on the Lord? God’s work moves from one glory to another bigger glory. Do I have the holy dissatisfaction? Do we love more God than we did last year? While ministry is good, we need to put more attention in drawing closer to God in prayer and fasting. Just like losing natural food appetite is worrying, so is losing spiritual appetite. How to be hungry for God? First, we need to be in right environment, in God’s house. Second, we need to show respect for the things of God. Third, we need to wait for the Holy Spirit. Fourth, we need draw our heart near to God. Fifth, we need to experience God for ourselves. Sixth, we need to regularly encounter God again and again.

Self Reflection

Quiet time is important. No matter how busy I am, I need to regularly meet God and stay ready for God’s greater move.
Do grab a copy of this sermon album in Attributes today Smile

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Sermon Review III: Sermon on the Mount CD3: Blessed are the Meek

My third sermon review. Whoa, my holiday is pretty fruitful.


Blessed are the meek. Meekness here means gentleness, humility and being considerate. In the Bible, Moses and Lord Jesus stood out in the area of meekness. Meekness is not lack of personality or lack of opinion. It is not being naïve or weak either. It is not easy to have the attitude of humility. Humility is not the denial of strength, it is the acknowledgement of weakness. Meekness is showing respect to other people and treat them in good manners. Meek people do not retaliate threat and reviling and can always control themselves. They refused to get provoked and sometimes, under the leading of the Spirit, they forego their right. Meek people keep their emotion in check because they understand that retaliation belongs to God. When we let go, God defends us. In addition, meekness is shown when we serve others and we submit to Father’s will.

Self Reflection

Hmm, a part of meekness is foregoing right under the leading of the Holy Spirit. It may not be an easy job. Yet, with God’s help, I can practice it again and again.
Do get a copy of Sermon on the Mount in Attributes today. Smile

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Sermon Review II: Sermon on the Mount CD 2: The Power of Brokenness

My second sermon review. Hope you enjoy it and we all live by this part of  God’s  word.Smile


Our CHC members have this Sermon-on-the-Mount flavor. No wonder we all walk under God’s favor and approval in life Smile

Blessed are those who mourn. It is one thing to confess I am poor in spirit, it is another thing to mourn over it. Mourn is defined as grief over sin in our life. Even Apostle Paul mourned; whenever he wanted to do good, he did evil thing. Me too, I need to long for holiness. I may fall into temptation once in a while. Hence, I need to have godly sorrows. Godly sorrows involve conviction of sin like how David repented and contrition because of sin. We have selfish nature in us and God has to break this nature before He can use us. This breaking, however, is very inconvenient and uncomfortable for us as God uses a few little trials and sudden breaking. In the end of the process, the fragrance of Christ in us spreads out.

Self Reflection

Pastor Kong always mentions: “God is more interested in your character than in your comfort.” Well, I need to be ready whenever difficulties come because they may be meant to break my selfish and sinful nature and shape my character.

Do get a copy of Sermon on the Mount in Attributes today Smile

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Sermon Review: Sermon on the Mount CD1: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Pastor Kong once conducted a church wide Bible study on Sermon on the Mount. We can find this sermon in Matt 5-Matt 7. I remember I attended all the services and listened to all of the sermon. The church passed around the sermon notes. Yet, I prefer some kind of softcopy so I  can refer back to it anytime I want. So, here I am, posting my very first sermon review Smile

Lord Jesus preached this important sermon which we can read from Matt 5-Matt 7. This sermon works like a or MRI or X-Ray machine. As we study it, we will realize how far we are in the journey of Christlikeness. Sermon on the Mount is more than just social-gospel; it does not only teach us how to become better citizens. It is not meant to abolish Mosaic Law as Lord Jesus Himself obeyed it. It shows the non-Christians the God’s moral standard which they can never achieve with their own strength. This leads to justification. It also shows the Christians how to live like Christ. This leads to sanctification. It is applicable to both the Jews in His time and to us at this present time.

Sermon on the Mount starts with the Beatitudes. It shows who we are, not what we do. God is more interested in our being, not our doing. My attitude is my responsibility, not God’s because God never touches my free will. Beatitudes edifies us in our attitude toward God and neighbor.  With our own capability, there is no way we can live by the Beatitudes; only with the help of the Holy Spirit. As we live by it, God’s smile and favor are upon us.

Poor in spirit is not the same as having low self esteem, showy humility, or shyness. Our value is high in God’s eyes that Lord Jesus Himself gave Himself yet we are not to be proud of ourselves. Poor means begging or bankrupt. Poor in spirit means greater desperation for God’s spiritual breakthrough, God’s move in our life. We beg for God’s move in our conscience that we may make the right decision in life, in our intuition that we may receive revelation of God’s Word or rhema, in our communion that we may relate with God intimately.

Interesting message, isn’t it? Do look forward to the next sermon review, ok?
Do get the copy of Sermon on the Mount in Attributes today Smile

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Verse of the Day: God is in Control

A nice statement from today’s quiet time.

The day is yours, and yours also the night; you established the sun and the moon.” (Ps 74:16)
“The night of affliction is as much under the arrangement and control of the Lord of Love as the bright summer days when all is bliss.” (Evening by Evening, page 366)

The context of the verse is about physical creation. Yet, we can also extend the verse beyond the context.
When things are good, God is in control. When things are bad, God is also in control.
God is good in both good and bad situation.
The question is: do we have faith in God’s goodness?
(Get a copy of Evening by Evening in Attributes today Smile)

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