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Verse of the Day: Keeping a Promise

A thought which popped up in my mind during Ministry Meeting last Tuesday.


who despises a vile person
   but honors those who fear the LORD;
who keeps an oath even when it hurts,
   and does not change their mind;

Psalm 15:4 (NIV, 2010, emphasis added)


Promise is to be kept. It is not to be broken. God made many promises and kept them all. Since I am to be more and more like God, I need to keep my promises as well.

Although it feels very inconvenient and it may even cost me time, energy or money, promise is a promise. It is like a debt which I need to fulfill.

It may sound big but really life is built upon promise and the commitment to keep it.

Promise to a friend, marriage vow, oath in the court; all of them are necessary to building a life.

Let’s keep our promise to each other, shall we?


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