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Summary of Saturday’s Happening [4, December, 2010]

My last duty with team B before I go back home. Well, not only in bookstore, but also I need to “minister” to my family as well.

We started with stocktake of CDs at 10 am. Unfortunately I arrived at 10.15 am due to late work. Initially I thought it would be an easy and fast one. In the end, we finished everything at 2 pm. Phew, luckily we did not have to stocktake the books too. Otherwise, we would have opened the bookstore very late. Other teams helped us in the stocktake and the display. So, it was an easy one for team B. Because of their help, Morgan had time to brief us with how to improve the display of products.

04122010926 04122010933

Cherry came and brought some baby doughnuts for us. She gave some farewell speech as she handed over the leadership to Morgan. But at least, we can still see her around in church Smile There is video of her speech on Facebook. However, only Attributes people can view this.


Lionel shared with us the book “Enjoying Where You Are and Where You Are Going”. For me, I shared “Who You Are When No One’s Looking”.


Can you guess what is wrong with this product?

04122010929 04122010930

The bookstore sold Pastor Phil’s painting. Anyone is interested? Smile

I stayed out during the service. As such, I spent time checking the price tag of products. As expected, some of them did not have price tag.

Audrey (jie jie) gave me some counseling. It was a wonderful advice from her.


Serene’s new nails.

After the duty, we had dinner at Bedok Interchange. That place is really my favorite as it is near Expo and cheap Smile

04122010941 04122010939 04122010938

Such a day of exercise!

“It is easy to lose weight,” I told a friend.

“You’re wrong,” he said.

Of course it is easy. After all, we all serve and fast hard, don’t we?

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