Sermon Review II: Sermon on the Mount CD 2: The Power of Brokenness

My second sermon review. Hope you enjoy it and we all live by this part of  God’s  word.Smile


Our CHC members have this Sermon-on-the-Mount flavor. No wonder we all walk under God’s favor and approval in life Smile

Blessed are those who mourn. It is one thing to confess I am poor in spirit, it is another thing to mourn over it. Mourn is defined as grief over sin in our life. Even Apostle Paul mourned; whenever he wanted to do good, he did evil thing. Me too, I need to long for holiness. I may fall into temptation once in a while. Hence, I need to have godly sorrows. Godly sorrows involve conviction of sin like how David repented and contrition because of sin. We have selfish nature in us and God has to break this nature before He can use us. This breaking, however, is very inconvenient and uncomfortable for us as God uses a few little trials and sudden breaking. In the end of the process, the fragrance of Christ in us spreads out.

Self Reflection

Pastor Kong always mentions: “God is more interested in your character than in your comfort.” Well, I need to be ready whenever difficulties come because they may be meant to break my selfish and sinful nature and shape my character.

Do get a copy of Sermon on the Mount in Attributes today Smile

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