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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 22, January, 2011 (Part 2)

Some members were not able to attend the Appreciation event on 16, Jan, 2011. Since they happened to have won some awards, Morgan presented the awards to them during duty time. You can watch the three videos on my FB. One of the links is here:

Congratulations to Alvin, Gad, Wailun and Audrey  jie for winning the awards! Smile

My HP battery died out during the service so I was not able to write down the sermons. Nevertheless, I still remember what Pastor Phil preached. Basically, I had to leave behind my past. Past means past and I need to keep running the race God has set before me. Surrounding me are the saints from the past who cheer me up and before me is Lord Jesus Himself. Hmm, since they all made it, I can make it too with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Such a great sermon!

After the duty, we had dinner at Bedok.

So sorry there is no photo as my HP really died Confused smile

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