Leaders’ Meeting 25, Jan, 2011

I initially did not intend to attend the service last night as I wanted to spend more time in my work, only for Attributes project meeting. Nevertheless, since I finished work earlier, I went there and I managed to join in the service. I did not get to enjoy the praise and worship session. But at least, I could still listen to the sermon by Pastor Kong.

Pastor Kong shared 5 things leaders should do in order to appreciate the members.

a.) Be kind.

b.) Be generous.

c.) Be affectionate.

d.) Be attentive

e.) Be accepting.

At the end of the message, Pastor Kong shared his personal life which moved many us into tears…

Good news! We will see Pastor Kong and Sun more often in church!! Smile

After that Attributes project meeting began. The meeting lasted not for a long as it was quite late. Luckily I stay in NTU.


In the middle of the meeting, we celebrated Serene’s and Phyllis’ birthday! Smile Only Attributes people can see the video of the birthday, though.

Do look forward to more exciting time with Attributes pretty soon, ok?

Open-mouthed smile

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