Sermon Review VII: Sermon on the Mount CD 6: Blessed are the Pure in Heart

Sermon on the Mount power!



Matt 5:8, James 4:8. It is my choice to purify my heart. God won’t do the purifying for me. Pure heart really means transparent water, crystal clear, no mixed motives or divided loyalties. Pure heart does not mean sinless perfection; it is about a heart of single devotion to God in the midst of my imperfection. Psalm 86:11. There is tendency for my heart to get distracted. However, I need to strive to have single devotion to God. God does not only see what I do, but also the motive behind my doing. Leviticus 19:19. God hates mixture. Rev 22:11. There is always a tendency to have mixed heart in the end times. Mixed heart leads to partial obedience. Partial obedience is really a form of disobedience. For God, partial obedience is the same as witchcraft and idolatry.

Gal 4:9. “Son” refers to a mature believer, not just a baby Christian. Only the mature Christian will inherit the kingdom of God. Gal 5:19. There are Christians who live according to the flesh. For sure, they will not inherit the kingdom of God.  A mark for mature believer is full obedience. Becoming a Christian is just the beginning. We need to keep obeying God all the way.

The obedient will see God, that is they will see God remarkably clearly. It is not only casual distant relationship;  we can even hear and see God clearly. Christianity is not just a set of philosophy, it is about walking with God. This promise of seeing God clearly is for this present life, not after we pass away.

Purity is not about what we wear. Holiness is about the presence of the Holy Spirit in life. Ps 24:3-4. Clean hands means honesty and integrity, it is not at all about touching clean or unclean things. Integrity means we integrate God’s moral values in our daily activities. 2 Chr 16:9. God wants to show Himself strong to those who are loyal to Him.


Self Reflection

A heart of obedience is the one God is looking for. Hmm, I need to cultivate one everyday although I may fall once in a while.

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