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Steamboat at Auntie Dorinna’s House 30, January, 2011

As far as I remember, this is the second steamboat I have ever had since I came to Singapore. My first steamboat was held long ago with NTU friends.

Auntie Dorinna opened her house and prepared many things for us in advance.

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Some uncooked dishes of the day.


Some decoration to celebrate the festive season.


Ida brought Yusheng for us.

300120111318 300120111320 300120111321

About 20 people were there with empty stomach. Yet, we could not finish eating the food Confused smile

300120111331 300120111335 300120111336

Some desserts Auntie Dorinna had prepared for us!! Open-mouthed smile

300120111323 300120111328 300120111325

Attributes people rock!

You can see the complete photos and videos here:


Thank God for such a family! Open-mouthed smile

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