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Happy Valentine!

A thought on Valentine day.

A friend once told me how he approached several girls at the same time in order to get attached. I told him how I disagreed with him and, “When you approach several girls at the same time, it shows that you don’t really like the girl herself. You like the idea of getting attached but not the girl.”

And indeed, I think that’s the best policy. Somehow I think girls are like HR managers and guys are like job applicants. HR manager receives many job applications but he/she gives the job vacancy to only one successful applicant. Similarly, it is normal to see several guys trying to approach one girl at the same time. Girl’s role is to choose that one guy after careful consideration. However, a guy who approaches several girls at the same time means he is double or triple minded. If the guy is not single minded even during approaching step, I wonder how many mind he will have after getting attached.

So, in my opinion, the key is to really approach one girl at one time. Once the guy concludes that the girl will never like him, then he can move on with the next candidate. However, this moving on with the next candidate is a painful process as he has to deal with disappointment first. I know one guy whose life got seriously messed up because the girl he liked did not like him back.

For all the guys, remember Jiraiya’s statement in Naruto series: “Rejection makes men stronger.”

Happy Valentine!!


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