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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 19, February, 2011

Tiring and busy day, really it was. But still, it was a day of exercise. This body of mine has to move fast and stay fit. Somehow, I realized I could not move as swiftly as I had used to be. Well, sitting down in front of PC for too long is definitely the reason.

Attributes conducted Moving-Out-Sales! Items were sold as low as $1 and there was 30% discount for many other items. I saw the customers swarming the sales products and some sweeping them from the book shelves, not to mention SOT students who were looking for their SOT textbooks.

Sorry, I have no picture for duty as I was too occupied by becoming a queue marshal.

Pastor Phil preached about hope. In the midst of great difficulty, we need to keep believing that there is future. God, the source of our hope, will empower us to keep believing. It was a good message, actually. Unfortunately, I was too tired an hungry.

I did not let the opportunity go off. It was a big discount and I purchased 4 CDs at only $35!!


Last not but not least, we had supper to fill in our hungry stomach.


Exercise more, Jefri, exercise more!

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CG Dinner 17, February, 2011

An outing with CG people in Newton.

It was a great time of fellowship over food, laugh and jokes. In particular, my friends taught me Chinese. “I give up on tone,” I admitted. I really want to master Chinese as it is my root. (and to attract girls as well)

A Chinese who does not understand Chinese? What an irony!

Most of the stalls sell seafood.. which I don’t really like Confused smile “You forfeited the taste of oyster,” James told me as I directly swallowed an oyster instead of chewing it. By the way, I can still eat seafood although I don’t like the taste.

“Hold your chopsticks properly,” Carwyn advised me. “I am right handed,” I answered. Yes, I hold chopsticks and pinch them with my fourth and fifth left fingers. When I use right hand to hold chopsticks, I use third and fourth fingers to pinch the sticks. Is that weird?

170220111392  170220111390 170220111389 170220111396

Look tasty, aren’t they?

170220111399 170220111401

These two friends of mine really love being photographed!

W258 and W500 rock!

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Free Meals

Yesterday the staff had New Year lunch in the General Office Level 2. Although I am not a staff, I am a good friend of them. So, my skin became thick and I joined them once most of them had eaten.
The objective is clear: to clear the table as much as I could.

In the end, I could not clear the table completely. So sad for it. Nevertheless, I  brought plenty food back to my lab so I could eat and work at the same time.

160220111367 160220111368 160220111369 160220111370 160220111371

These were my lunch and dinner yesterday!! But, I could not finish the last meal.
So, last night I put it in a fridge. This morning I de-frosted it. And…



They were my breakfast and lunch today!

Praise the LORD! Managed to save a lot of $$!

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No Second Chance?

Second chance here is defined as a chance to redeem mistake to undo the penalty.


“Not one of you will enter the land I swore with uplifted hand to make your home, except Caleb son of Jephunneh and Joshua son of Nun.” (Deut 14:30)

Deuteronomy 14 tells us a sad story for the Israelites. At that time, they had been traveling in desert for one year since their exodus from Egypt. They sent 12 spies to Promised Land. The spies spied the land for 40 days. At the end of 40 days, 10 spies told the nation: “We can’t conquer the Promised Land.” Joshua and Caleb, on the other hand, told them: “Yes, we can.”

The entire nation raged against Moses, Aaron, Caleb and Joshua. God told Moses He would punish the nation, yet Moses interceded for them. God then relented from His first decision. However, He still punished the entire nation: they would be wandering in the desert for another 40 years. Upon hearing God’s punishment, Israelites repented then tried to conquer Canaan by force. Yet, God allowed them to be defeated bitterly. Their repentance did not undo God’s punishment.

Sometimes, there is no second chance in life.
Sometimes, the word of apology is meaningless as it is too late.
Sometimes, repentance can’t undo the punishment.

So, do stay vigilant. Don’t let your guard down. Keep obeying the Lord.

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Rain. Heavy Down-pouring

(“There is no end to this awful rain.”-Tsunade)

A heavy rain at around 4.20 pm. It managed to change sunny hot day into a dark and cloudy day.

150220111361 150220111362 150220111363

Again, weather has been acting weird. Luckily Singapore is not flooded like Australia.

Dear readers, please take care of your health. Do bring umbrella wherever you go too, ok?

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Happy Valentine!

A thought on Valentine day.

A friend once told me how he approached several girls at the same time in order to get attached. I told him how I disagreed with him and, “When you approach several girls at the same time, it shows that you don’t really like the girl herself. You like the idea of getting attached but not the girl.”

And indeed, I think that’s the best policy. Somehow I think girls are like HR managers and guys are like job applicants. HR manager receives many job applications but he/she gives the job vacancy to only one successful applicant. Similarly, it is normal to see several guys trying to approach one girl at the same time. Girl’s role is to choose that one guy after careful consideration. However, a guy who approaches several girls at the same time means he is double or triple minded. If the guy is not single minded even during approaching step, I wonder how many mind he will have after getting attached.

So, in my opinion, the key is to really approach one girl at one time. Once the guy concludes that the girl will never like him, then he can move on with the next candidate. However, this moving on with the next candidate is a painful process as he has to deal with disappointment first. I know one guy whose life got seriously messed up because the girl he liked did not like him back.

For all the guys, remember Jiraiya’s statement in Naruto series: “Rejection makes men stronger.”

Happy Valentine!!


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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 12, February, 2011

Weekend service with Valentine theme. There were drama titled “Taste of Love”, display of Valentine products in Attributes and even marriage vow renewal. Love was in the air despite freezing air con “-_-

Guys in Team A presented songs and cookies dedicated to all the ladies in team A. You can view the video here:

It was a great sermon preached by Pastor Paul Scanlon. Mind and heart are two different entities. Mind may say A, but heart, a core of our being, may say B. This conscious mind may say A one time per second, yet the heard, the subconscious may say B far more frequently than A. It is important that we need to fix our heart. Change has to begin from inside out. Pastor Paul closed his sermon by preaching about the importance of thinking positively for it affects the nerve system and eventually affects our health.

We celebrated Paulus’ and Willy’s birthday. The video is up on Facebook but only KS Zone people can view the video.

Last but not least., we had dinner at Expo Food Court.


Such a restful day! Thank God for it! Smile

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