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Staff Banquet 30, March, 2011

Free dinner for me!!!

 300320111587 300320111590 300320111596 300320111589

I was a bit sick of meat. So, I ate plenty fruits and vegetables.


Didn’t manage to get beer!!! Although if I had got one, I would have mixed with water.


Yes, you got it right. I smuggled 1.5  L of fruit punch.

See the full photos here:

Praise the LORD! Saved plenty $$!!

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Leaders’ Meeting 29, March, 2011

A wonderful leaders’ meeting last night.


Morgan opened with an invitation to give thanks to God for all His goodness. When things are up, we give thanks for His blessing. When things are down, we give thanks for His strength so we could go through. Edmund led us in worship and gave some a word of encouragement: God is good and God will surely deliver us from any challenges ahead of us.
Really, each session of Leaders’ Meeting feels like a CG meeting.
In fact, Robin came forward and gave some “discipleship” session. He wanted the members to pay attention to details and to able to multitask. He urged the members to read books so they could recommend some good titles to the customers. The members should not recommend certain titles just because they are on discount.

Hmm, in a few occasions I managed to recommend some good stuffs to the customers. In particular, “Who You Are When No One’s Looking” is seriously a good buy. Since I have Bible Glo, I could convince a customer to purchase one too. Unfortunately, nowadays I seldom read books as I am busy with work. Perhaps I will just listen to sermon. I bought many sermon titles in the past which I have not written review on. Hmm, need to listen to God’s Word more often.

My team, Project 1 Team, presented the result of survey and gave some recommendation to the leaders. Weiqiang made such a good analysis and presentation!

“This Project 1 team is like a seed that falls on a good ground,” Jayson commended us.

We did it! We finished the race well!

290320111584 290320111585

praise the LORD for His blessing so we could make it. He blessed us with time management skill, intelligence to analyze and endurance to gather the surveys.


When I speak of you, I will regard you as a hero! One who never lost his faith! A splendid performance.. Hanzou-Dono! (Mifune)

Indeed, it was a splendid performance from Project 1 Team!

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Summary of Sunday’s Happening 27, March, 2011

Met Audrey jie and her son, Jorim, at McDonald Raffles City. There I assisted Jorim in his study.


She passed me this clothe!! Thank you so much, Audrey jie!

Praise the LORD for the blessing!


A friend: “Are you financially ok?”

Me:           “My allowance is $$$$ every month.”

A friend: “Huh? You are richer than me!!”

Well, thank God as well for the financial blessing Smile


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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 26, March, 2011

Tiring but inspiring and exciting at the same time.

In the morning I helped out in Attributes as it needed plenty help for the set up. I was there at Suntec, sacrificing my morning sleep, as I wanted to exercise as well Smile with tongue out We managed to finish the duty and the team A continued with the display of the products. I was seriously exhausted by then.

The praise and worship session touched me a lot. The LORD has blessed CHC with a new day, new journey ahead of us. Likewise, I felt the LORD prompting me about a new hope. My past pain and disappointment are over. A new hope, a new day has emerged.

Pastor Phil preached about the power of praise, worship and thanksgiving. Through them, I can bind the devil, draw close to God and I can experience freedom in Him. Such a fantastic sermon! It is in concert with my “Personal Testimony” page.

It was a bit difficult to find empty venue for dinner time. Nevertheless, we managed to find one at Toast Box City Link Mall.

260320111564 260320111565 260320111572 260320111575 260320111574

Thank God for such a great in His house and with friends!

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Personal Testimony Page

As I promised before, I put up the personal testimony page.
Hope you all like it and join me in thanking the LORD for the miracle.


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Verse of the Day: Remembering God’s Goodness

“I tell you”, He replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” (Luke 19:40)

Can stones cry out and burst forth in praise to God?
Let’s consider it for a second.

If the stones could really cry out, they would praise God for His greatness when He created the universe.
The stones were there, witnessing how God performed miracles after miracles from Day 1 until Day 6.
In fact, the stones would testify how God brought them into existence.

(If you’re familiar with my blog, I am young earth creationist. God brings life into earth; life does not arise from chemical soup.)

How much we as the children of God should adore and praise Him all the more!
He has given us life and oh, more than that, He has given us Himself.
Shouldn’t we be proud of Him and shouldn’t we testify His goodness again and again?

I am thinking of opening a new tab titled “Personal Testimony” in harmony with the  verse above.
Do look forward to it soon, ok?

(Verse of the Day here was inspired by a devotional book Evening by Evening. Do get a copy of it in Attributes bookstore, ok? :))

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Karaoke Session 24, March, 2011

If you happen to see my FB account, you can see me uploading videos on Karaoke Session last Thursday.
We had it a The Chevrons Jurong East. Apparently the CG Fund was very fat that we decided to make it go to the gym (aka use it up).
Initially we planned to book it for two hours. In the end, we extended it to three hours.
Guess what? CG Fund balance became negative!! Give us a big hand!! (*clap clap clap).

Sher Lyn, Sherly, Shirley, Daniel, Gerald, Kuo Wei, Alex, Chern Siang, Thomas, Edwin, Shaun, Charmaine and I were the main singers of the day.
The rests, including my leader, were too shy.

I sang “Heal The World”, “Titanic”, “If I Let You Go”, and “Fool Again”. I wrongly chose the last song as I mistook it as another song. Well, I am not familiar with that last song, unfortunately.

240320111563 240320111562

The crowd was quite big.

Sean, Andrea, Audrey, Zhao Hua, Joanna will join our CG. And there they were, with us at The Chevrons.


A comment from my leader: “I did not know you all could sing. Next time, we take turn to lead Praise and Worship.”

Unpublicized talent, that is.

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Verse of the Day

“Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few.” (I Samuel 14:6)

In this passage, Jonathan was about to attack a group of Philistines. There were only, however, Jonathan and his armor bearer. There were about 20 Philistines which they had to kill (verse 14).
Think about it. Both of them were seriously outnumbered 2 against 20. They could have been easily killed. Yet, Jonathan came up with this statement of faith as he put his trust in the LORD.

Small chance or big chance; it does not affect the Lord from acting.
God is specialized in making the impossible possible.
The question is: are we courageous enough to act according to His promise regardless of our circumstance?

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Shoes, oh, Shoes

Before treatment:


After treatment:


Need to save more money, ok?

Anyway, don’t worry. I have two other sets of shoes which are much newer.

I just want to ensure this pair is completely spoilt before I dispose it to the dustbin.

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Picture and Quote of the Day

items_flameofhope (credit goes to Vampire Wars)

There is still this little light.. little more chance..

“For all the dreamers: Our planet’s dream is not over yet.” (Chrono Cross)

It is not over yet.. not the end yet..

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