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Quotes of the Day

But the truest victory, my son, is stirring the hearts of your people.” (Terenas Menethil II)

Trying to gain as much favor as possible with men, entertaining, pleasing and making peace with them wherever I am…



I prefer to remember the temple as it used to be; not the abomination it has become.” (Akama the Broken)

Sometimes, things in the past are much better than things at the present…

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Summary of Sunday’s Happening 27, February, 2011

Yeah, you got it right. Instead of Sunday, it was Saturday as I planned to help out in the church shift.

Pastor Kong preached about discouragement. It is dangerous to feel discouraged as discouragement robs us of our future.
Hmm, I was discouraged again and again in the past. But now, I see a chance to rise up against the past failures.
So, I should not discouraged..

Attributes people shifted things out very efficiently. We did not have a lot to pack as the Moving Out Sales had been very successful.

I bought two fluffy bears and a study Bible for a friend Smile We need to always do good whenever we have chance, don’t we?

Most of Attributes people went home at about 5 to 6 pm. Some of them went to warehouse at Kalang. I heard they ended their task by 11 pm.
Attributes has plenty wonderful and committed people!

270220111445 270220111444 270220111443

An empty Expo Hall.

I went to Auntie Dorinna’s house at Bedok. Initially I just wanted to borrow their internet for my Attributes project. In the end, I joined their family for dinner too Smile

270220111447 270220111448 270220111449

Some nice food for dinner!

She advised me a lot, especially in term of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. “Put God first,” she mentioned, “above your wife.”
Amen for that!

I went to Tampines to pass the bears to friends. Then, I went back to Jurong West to pass a study Bible to another friend.

Such a gym day for sure!

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