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Leaders’ Meeting 8, March, 2011

The church will move to Suntec. As such, Attributes needs to adapt with the new environment.
We discussed about the current projects. My Project 1 team has only one more weekend to collect the survey from the customers.
After that, we need to present the preliminary analysis to the leaders next Tuesday.
This weekend also is a busy weekend as Attributes will have JW Move-Out sale. At the same time, on Sunday we will pack up some stuffs and transfer them to Warehouse.
Project 2 team will come up with detailed training. Project 3 team will come up with video trailer to advertise Attributes. Project 4 team did not attend the meeting, unfortunately.
We celebrated James’ and Joan’s birthday there. Sorry there is no photo nor video of it.

We all broke up into smaller groups. Retail Assistants like me discussed on how to display the products better, in particular with regard to the product labels.
After that, we discussed on how to make RAs more friendlier to the customers.
”The Team Leader tickles the RAs,” one suggestion from James.
Yeah, right…

Unfortunately, I had to leave earlier to catch the train and bus from Boon Lay.

Next week is somewhat a judgment day for my team.

Look forward to it, nevertheless Smile with tongue out

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Quote of the Day

“It kills me to do this to such great men… Some of that Silver and Gold plating may start to flake off a little… when my Storm Release hits you! Even if it’s a little dull!” (Darui)

War time..
Fight on..
Battle after battle..


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